Genuine Leather Ratchet Adjustable Belt

  • This belt is made out of Genuine Leather that is extremely soft and durable. Its smooth texture for a neat and stylish belt, perfect to use for events and your daily outings.
  • You can trim the strap length by yourself so the length of the belts fits perfect to your size. Our easy removable buckle gives you the freedom to cut the belt to fit you.

  • This Ratchet Dress belt provides 32 unique adjustments which give you options as to how you want your belt to fit that day. The length of this belt is 55 inches, and then you can adjust it to fit your size.

  • Our Leather strap is a bit wider than 1 1/4" offering the perfect size to fit all belt holes. Complemented with a fashionable buckle, you can style this belt with a suit, a pair of pants, and even a pair of shorts.

  • This item can be offered as a special gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Father's Day, Groomsmen, and other special occasions.

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